Madrid with kids- the best free activities for families in the city.
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Madrid with kids- the best free activities for families in the city.

Madrid may seem like a city for tapas, bars and clubs but there’s a lot more than that….and a lot to do for a family.  After Christmas, New Year and Reyes celebrations everyone’s wallets are a little lighter so what better than some free plans for you and your family for the January weekends to come.

Here’s our pick of the best free (or very cheap)activities for families in Madrid this month.

In Cine Dore Calle de Santa Isabel, 3, 28012, which is a beautiful old cinema just behind Anton Martin market, every Saturday at 17.30 they run Filmoteca junior showing classic films for children and under 14s enter for free!  What could be better, a little culture for your little ones and it’s free!  Check out their website for more details

If you haven’t already done it we recommend a trip up Faro Moncloa where you can appreciate the beauty of Madrid through their huge full length windows.  Children under 6 get in free and for under 14s the ticket costs just 1.50€!  From this viewpoint you get to see most of the monuments of Madrid such as the palace and the cathedral and rise 90m in just 50 seconds in the lift which anyone will find exciting!   From here you can also take a trip to visit the Museo de America which has free entry and lots of interesting artefacts to look at relating to American history.  Tickets for the Faro can be bought online or from the ticket office at the bottom.

If your little ones dream of one day being astronauts why not take them to Madrid Planetarium to let them really experience outer space!  It has recently opened again after a huge renovation and it has been worth it, it is phenomenal!  Tickets only cost 3.60€ for adults and for under 14s 1.65€.  They have many workshops and activities that are free and all you need to do is reserve your place in advance.  Check out their website and I am sure your little ones will not be disappointed!

In the museum of Natural History you can take your children on a trip through nature.  They can see many different exhibitions showing examples of nature and even see some dinosaur bones!  It is a great day out for the whole family.  Also every month there are many workshops that children can get involved in at the weekend from finding out more about the wolf, a common character in many fairy tales to finding out more about women and the nobel prize.  The entrance is a little more expensive for this museum at 6 € but it is worth it and the workshops are included although you have to reserve places.


If you haven’t heard of this then download the app quick!  This app has the answer to all those days when you are struggling for something to do, and not just for you and your children, it can be great fun with a group of friends too.  Basically it is an app that uses your GPS location from your phone to give you clues to find hidden treasures all over the city.  It is like a technological treasure hunt and it’s addictive, I am sure your kids will love it!  There are lots hidden in Madrid centre but if you feel like a trip to the countryside there are lots also in Madrid Sierra.  You can even try this when on holiday and visiting a new place!  Download the app and have a look for yourself!


For a European city Madrid has an abundance of parks and green spaces and all have lots of activities that children can get involved in for free from music, puppet shows and street entertainers to parks and play spaces.  Take your skates with you and get involved in Retiro or Madrid Rio.  A free day out and I am sure your children will love it!